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Post By: Olivia Robinson

Through the Looking Glass

Great Britain’s Jake Saywell was one of two riders selected to wear the google glasses during today’s training session. Entirely hands free, the glasses are voice activated and can perform a variety of tasks. The footage obtained from today’s training session will be edited and uploaded on the Olympic YouTube channel soon.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

What are the chances that you are selected as the sole competitor to represent your country in Equestrian at the Youth Olympic Games and that your twin sister is also selected but in a different sport? Amazing as it sounds, twin sisters Stefanie and Isabel Brand (GUA) are the living proof that it is possible! […]

Team Europe do it again!

Team Europe (ITA, IRL, GBR, SWE, NED) have won the gold medal on a final score of zero penalities! Silver goes to South America (URU, CHI, PAR, ARG, BRA) on four penalities and bronze to North America (aka Guty’s Angels – CAY, ECU, ESA, GUA, DOM) on eight penalties. Six double clears in the Team […]

Team medals up for grabs…

Round 2 about to start in one hour. Six continental/regional teams with five rides a piece have their eyes set on an Olympic medal. You can fiund the Start List, Order to go and Course plan on the official Nanjing 2014 website: http://www.nanjing2014.org/en/en_sports/GamestimeResults.htm Best of luck to all the teams! We’ll be back to annouce the […]

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