Age: 17 (born 25.03.1997)
Registration number: 0031468
Coach: Olivier Desutter (FRA)

Lilia started riding ponies at five years of age, influenced by her parents equestrian involvement and in particular her father – Abdelkader – who is an international rider. She began competing aged seven on ponies at national level and this year started to compete internationally.

To prepare for the Youth Olympic Games, Lilia trained at “Le Touquet” in the north of France where she rode five different horses a day for three weeks leading up to the Games so that she would be ready to forge a quick relationship with her allocated horse here in Nanjing.

Lilia is currently at school in Rabat (MAR) and hopes to pursue a career in equestrian sport as a qualified coach. She also plans to study commerce in order to keep all her options open.

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